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Home Improvements

There is, no place, like home, with nearly 30 million dwellings around the UK, you would still be hard pressed to walk through the same front door twice. Our homes are where we are ourselves.

We have a range of services to help you complete your home or business, please see a few examples of what we can help with below.


A range of space enhancing options, extensions help make your house a home by giving you more space to do the things that matter to you.


Whether its to keep your dream vehicle safe, or to provide you somehwere to work on those latent carpentry skills, adding a garage gives your property that added value, and invaluble addition of space.


Re-plastering for that overdue kitchen replacement, or replacing an entire wooden floor before you get that new suite of sofas. We can help you bring new life to that forgotten room and still make it feel like home.

New Builds

Got your own land and want something thats a little more you? We have the perfect package, our dedicated team will help plan the entire project, from designing and planning permissions all the way through the build to decorating and fitting the finishing touches.


Gym Fit Out

Having been involved with the easyGym franchise early on, you'll see our handywork at a number of locations, including the entire expansion and repurporsing of Wood Green location. A gym installation is a great way to reward your employees and keeping them healthy can have incredible results on their productivity and well-being.

Office Refit

Businesses change, they evolve, and they adapt. Your office needs to do this with you, we can help you identify a future proof vision for you the way your office needs revolve around you and business needs.


Adding capacity increases revenue, additional work space provides improves product output. An extension can do all of this for you and more, let us know what you think you need and we'll help you find a solution that works for you.

Ground Work

Preparing the ground for your next project is more important than planning what goes on top of it, ensuring a stable foundation for the future of your business


Sometimes you're so busy you forget to stay on top of things, its important to refresh your look every now and then, and this goes for external.


We're here to share our expertise, sometimes you don't need the whole package, or you want a second opinion - consultancy helps us guide you in the right direction.

Project Management

With over 20 years of construction and project management under our belts, we have what it takes to help you complete your projects, get in touch and let us know how we can help.

Garden Rooms

The world is changing, and the way we enjoy our favourite hobbies and work from home is evolving. Garden Rooms are a great way to create a new vibrant space that allows you to focus on work, fitness or entertainment. Custom built to your specification our Garden Rooms are as unique as you are.